Albatross Was Recently Unveiled As A 125-Meter Superyacht Concept By Lloyd Werft & Stay Sea Design

For Lloyd Werft, See: Shipbuilder Bremerhaven, known for its 139.7-meter Solaris and 115-meter Luna, has unveiled a bold new concept: […]

For Lloyd Werft, See: Shipbuilder Bremerhaven, known for its 139.7-meter Solaris and 115-meter Luna, has unveiled a bold new concept: the 125-meter superyacht Albatross. The German shipyard collaborated with Stay Sea Design to build Albatross to create a more eco-friendly green yacht idea. Albatross is a large-scale sail-assisted catamaran concept that will use three “free fuels”: wind, sun, and saltwater, to meet this need.

Lloyd Werft plans to utilise a rigid sail technology that can be folded up out of the way when not in use, provides around 1,200 kilowatts of free propulsion power, and, on its own, can reach roughly seven knots. About 1,150 square metres of solar panels provide additional 120 kilowatts per hour of power for Albatross. Five vertical windmills are the last feature and can be found atop the platform. The approach relies on several modes of operation to maximise efficiency. A hybrid engine powered by methanol will be installed in her. To regulate and provide all energy sources and users, the vessel uses a DC Grid, as the shipyard put it. In driving/sailing mode, propulsion is supplied by four 1,800-kilowatt main engines, linked in pairs to two gearboxes using a PTO / PTI hybrid system for a 1,000-kilowatt Generator / Motor with variable pitch control.

Even though there is now no practical alternative to utilising standard marine gas oil to main power engines for lengthy journeys, fuel consumption may be lowered by using the rigid wing sail technology. All four-rim drive thrusters can produce 400 kilowatts of power, making them useful in any mode. Two in the front and two at the rear allow for smooth and quiet manoeuvring into and out any port or anchorage. The selected materials have low-impact environmental effects because of their low weight, high durability, and sustainable production.

Besides being environmentally friendly, the Albatross lifestyle is meant to be an example of refined elegance. She has a lot of room and a tonne of amenities, such as a gym, spa, various dining rooms, and a stunning infinity pool. However, she may be modified to your specifications; Friedrich Norden, Head of Projects & Sales at Lloyd Werft, said, “Anything is feasible with the correct amount of effort and inquiry.” Albatross has room for up to 14 passengers and a massive 46 staff. Lloyd Werft ensured its most recent design could cater to visitors’ requirements by providing plenty of storage space over two sizable garages. Her amenities include a helipad. Performance-wise, we anticipate that Albatross will be capable of 15 knots of top speed and 12 knots of Eco speed. All energy providers and customers on board are managed and supplied via a DC Grid.

Due to the lack of viable alternatives for longer journeys, main engines are powered by standard marine gas oil. However, consumption is decreased thanks to rigid wing sail technology. Each gearbox of the main drive application has a 1000kW shaft generator installed in case there is a methanol fuel scarcity, or the facility is located in an area without access to the fuel.