Megayacht News: Benetti B.Century Yachts Fuse Personalization with Time-Tested Engineering

Benetti’s partnership with designer Giorgio M. Cassetta has been fruitful for a long time, resulting in many delivered superyachts. Benetti […]

Benetti’s partnership with designer Giorgio M. Cassetta has been fruitful for a long time, resulting in many delivered superyachts. Benetti B.Century is the new family name for some of the shipyard’s reimagined versions of classic steel and aluminum models. There are now five members of this family, ranging in length from 180 to 246 feet (55 to 75 meters, respectively). Each has a sweeping styling flare from Cassetta’s workshop, offering them unique Benetti appearances. Yet they aren’t mass-produced either. Instead, the outward design of each megayacht type is unique. For instance, the Benetti B.Century 55M may be had in either a trick or a quad deck layout. The taller boat has an owner’s deck, although both have a terraced aft deck (see below). In addition, it provides customers with a personal outdoor space in front of the bedroom. The trick, however, still provides a nice main-deck master stateroom with a sundeck up above for all guests to enjoy. The Benetti B.Century 62M, at 201’8″ (61.5 meters), is the next-largest model and has an even greater outside living area, particularly on the foredeck. 

A pool may also be added to the deck. The main bedroom is nearby so you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery every morning. There are six cabins, allowing for a maximum occupancy of 12. The Benetti B.Century 68M (above), measuring 223 feet, is also suitable for a group of 12 thanks to her seven spacious cabins and massive capacity (about 1,390 gross tonnes). To crown her as queen of the fleet, the 75M brings two unique innovations to her six decks. Benetti categorizes them as a “Pool Club” and a “Sea Club,” respectively. At the very top, above the Sea Club, is the pool club, which fills the whole aft deck. Like other beach clubs, the Sea Club has three sides of fold-down platforms. Having just the transom open doesn’t hinder its use. The interiors of each model are available for personalization. The onboard atmosphere is just as striking, with photographs by famous photographers displayed in a museum-like setting. The main suite and office have black-and-white artwork by David Yarrow (above). 

The apartment has an outside patio and is a spacious 1,399 square feet (130 square meters). In collaboration with Green & Mingarelli Design, the owner of Triumph opted for a neutral color scheme to focus on the artwork. Marbles, Lalique glass, and fur contribute to the overall opulent feel of the ship. In addition, the bespoke carpeting features a design that recalls the curves of dunes in the desert. It’s also interesting to see the prominence of vegetation. More than 754 square feet, including the bar and beach club (above), are covered in greenery (70 square meters). The owner will arrange formal dinners in the dining room for guests. Although it is placed in the usual spot in front of the saloon, Triumph deviates from the norm in this instance. The banquet hall may be converted into a theatre. The VIP suite is located on the main deck, which is also unusual. Nevertheless, considering the other unique details that went into Triumph, it fits in nicely with her philosophy.