Meyer Yachts Gives the First Glimpse at the Inside of Their First 150-Meter Ultra-Sustainable Design

At the Monaco Yacht Show, Meyer Yachts, the luxury boat branch of Meyer Werft, revealed the first interior renderings of […]

At the Monaco Yacht Show, Meyer Yachts, the luxury boat branch of Meyer Werft, revealed the first interior renderings of its ONE50 150-meter concept yacht. The first design from the superyacht division was shown at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show. With six stories, a beam of 20 meters, and a massive 15,000 GT, ONE50 is an impressive sight. Powering the boat at its peak speed of 23 knots is 25,000 kilowatts of energy from fuel cell technology and battery banks. Many of the innovative elements of her interior design were created right on board. One such feature is a two-story spa and hundreds of square meters of area. On the starboard side, you’ll find a swimming pool that slides out and rests over the water and a wellness bar, massage parlor, sauna, and hammam. 

“The superyacht industry has been on the cutting edge of a wellness and health movement for some time. We want to demonstrate our potential and set an example with this luxurious spa. “The Meyer Yachts sales director, Lars Kruse, put it this way. The forward-facing suite and private front patio on the upper deck are dedicated exclusively to the owner. Because the pool is an indoor-outdoor hybrid that leads directly from the owner’s room to the foredeck, Kruse said, “they can almost walk right out of bed into the pool.” There are also a variety of private dining rooms and a private lounge with a TV and music system. Meyer Group CEO Bernard Meyer: “We are launching the next chapter in our history and joining the market for superyachts.” Even the most outlandish concepts and ship sizes are within our reach. Many clients have shown an interest in mega yachts, suggesting that the market is open to accommodating a new shipyard.

Meyer Yachts’ mission is underpinned by the company’s dedication to nontraditional fuels. “We see a lot of opportunity in mega yachts for new ecological technology and attach considerable emphasis to this,” the organization added. Meyer Group, which originates in the cruise industry and plans to target the high end of the market by constructing the “world’s biggest and greenest mega yachts,” already has the infrastructure to build vessels up to 500 meters in length. Meyer Yachts, a German shipyard Meyer Group division, presented its first superyacht idea, the ONE 50, a 150-meter vessel powered by fuel cells and batteries, at the Monaco Yacht Show. More than 700 ships have been constructed here at Papenburg alone since 1975. This ensures that our citations are visible on all seas. We’re starting a new era in our company’s history by joining the superyacht industry. The fact that we can make ships of any size, shape, or design has been greatly rewarded. According to Bernard Meyer of the Meyer company, “we are now observing that demand for superyachts is expanding, and there is an opportunity for another shipyard in this market.”